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Adobe Illustrator : Tricks
10 Free and Extremely Useful Illustrator Scripts

vectips.com is a tips, tricks and tutorial site for Adobe Illustrator.

There are a great deal of resources out there and in this post you will find 10 free and useful scripts for Illustrator!

Illustrator supports scripting from AppleScript, Visual Basic, JavaScript, and ExtendScript. When activated, these scripts perform operations within Illustrator or may involve other programs such as word processing, spreadsheet and database programs. You can use some of Illustrator’s scripts, downloaded scripts, or create your own scripts. For more info on scripting in Illustrator, check out the scripting documentation in the Adobe Illustrator CS3/Scripting folder.

This page guide you how to installing scripts and introduce 10 free + useful scripts [and download links],
such as ...
  • Close All Paths / Close All Selected Paths
  • Divide Text Frame
  • Join Text Frames
  • Fleurify
  • Metaball
  • CMYK to Pantone v.2
  • Vary Hues / Randomize Colors
  • Save File With Timestamps v.3
  • Circle
  • Swap Objects
Many of those scripts from www.wundes.com/ Please read about John's Scripts for Illustrator.
Mostly Javascripts for Illustrator 10 and later.
When you DOWNLOAD from wundes.com,
"Click here to download" WITH RIGHT CLICK-> SAVE LINK AS... ->

For more info on scripting in Illustrator, check out the scripting documentation in the Adobe Illustrator CS3/Scripting folder.

Motion Typography : Portal - Still Alive

Portal - Still Alive typography
Motion Typography by Trickster

Nice MotionTypo Vid.
The song "Still Alive" originally appeared at an ending of a video game Portal (part of Half-Life 2's Orange Box).'Still Alive' by Jonathan Coulton.
Sung by Ellen McLain (voice of GLaDOS and the turrets)

Portal - Still Alive typography from Trickster on Vimeo.



An on-demand self-publishing site.
Upload ur PDF then set a price.
MagCloud took orders, prints in HP Indigo and send in US mail to whom ordered.

I've never used this service but interesting..

Help page : http://magcloud.com/home/Help
customer service support page :http://getsatisfaction.com/magcloud#



Online portfolio viewer + publishing site.
very cool good service in free.

With Issuu you can…
• Upload any PDF file and have it instantly converted to an online publication.
• Join a living library where you and your friends comment, share and have fun.
• Enjoy online publications in crisp vector graphics and full screen mode.
• Post your publications on Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, LiveJournal, Orkut etc.
• Embed your publications with our non-branded standalone viewer or as a small preview.
• Reach your audience everywhere in the world with our one-click viral service.
Oh, did we mention that everything is free?

Full Standalone Version w new window
Mini embed version on blogger
click|> to Open + see inside

You can upload your PDFs [up to 100MB or 100pages] and change bkgd colors.
You can embed to Blogger, Facebook, Myspace+ etc.

Some advice..
Compose pages + PDFs @ InDesign
When you use effects [i.e. dropshadow], and looks Ok on PDF view,
Then, after uploading issuu, found out messed-up.omg...
To avoid that, you can [Export] a page or objects to EPS file
and make it to PSD file, then replace @ InDesign.

and it is book view, so your PDF must have a cover and a back page.




Online custom clothing labels + ribbons manufacture.
Stiched or printed. Applying
choices from sew or iron on.
Wide range of choices of fabrics + sizes + type + colors + fonts.

Clothing label : example price :
100 printed labels,
5/16" width, max 24 characters, 3 color + 4 fonts choose from, sew or iron on. for under $10 .
woven labels, 5/8" width, max 18 characters, 13 color + fonts choose from, sew or iron on. for $33 .

Printed Ribbons : example price :
10 yards (30 ft.), 7/8" width, max 35 characters, 21 ribbon colors + 13 print colors 8 font choice. for under $20.


Reference : Cliparts + pkgs : Pepin Press

Pepin Press

Another great clipart + package folding books with data CD.
Many cliparts books has published.

PKG folding Template series w CD list are :

Link : Amazon.com - Pipin Press Books
: Amazon.com - Agile Rabbit Edition


Reference : New York Public Library 

New York Public Library

eNYPL Collection of Downloadable Media

NYPL - Digital image Library:


Strand Bookstore

Strand Bookstore

828 Broadway [12th St.] New York, NY. 10003-4805
Store Hours :
M-Sat 9:30 AM-10:30 PM | Sun 11AM-10:30 PM
Rare Book Room Closes Daily at 6:20 PM

Largest used bookstore in NYC.
Dig the hole, then, wash your hand :-b
Bathroom is located at 1FL far end.

Annex Location [near the Financial District and the South Street Seaport shopping area]
95 Fulton Street [3 blocks east of Broadway] New York, NY. 10038-2803
TEL : 212.732.6070

Store Hours : M-F 9:30 AM-9PM | Sat-Sun 11AM-8PM

Reference : Cliparts : Dover Books

Dover Publications
Clip Art Series

The famous Dover Books for loyalty free clipart books w data CD.
Thousands of titles are published.

You might can find cheep prices @ Strand Bookstore.
Many titles can find @ Lee's Art Shop.
amazone.com : Dover Electronic Clip art

Reference : Book : Design Literacy

Design Literacy :
- Understanding Graphic Design
Author : Steven Heller
Publisher : Allworth Press (1997)

Amazon.com $18.21

Readers come to understand what elements must coalesce to make certain ads, posters, packages, logos, and book covers take on a life of their own.
B+W. background of design of many in short column text.

Reference : Color : Pantone formula Guides

Pantone Inc.

Color formula books from Pantone Inc.
Also, they have Metallic, Pastel and etc.

If you know better prices, please post comments. thanx.


2 in One : I recommend this color formula book. (baby)
Pantone coated color Chip + CMYK converted color chip w CMYK%s.

amazon.com $84.88

Pantone 2 formula Guides : Coat +Uncoated

amazon.com $69.99
( List price : $134.55 )
Pantone 3 Formula Guides : Coated + Uncoated +Matte

amazon.com $98.61
( List price : $120.00)
Relate Site : Colorstrology

Reference : Book: Color Index

Light weight reference Index book series.
Auther : Jim Krause
Publisher : How Design Books
Color Index(2002)

: Over 1100 Color Combinations, CMYK and RGB Formulas, for Print and Web Media
amazon.com $16.31

Color Index 2 (2007)

: Over 1500 New Color Combinations. for Print and Web Media. Cmyk and Rgb Formulas.
amazon.com $16.49


The Designers Complete Index (Boxed Set 2003)

"Index" books, including
Idea Index (graphic effects and typographic treatments),
Layout Index (your secret weapon for effective, dynamic layouts) and
Color Index (over 1100 color combinations with CMYK and RGB formulas).
amazon.com $37.79


URL : Typographykicksass.com

this is really fun way to send msgs + share.
random lottery type...

Recommended by : Lauren

Template Download URL : CD Pkg

Adobe Illustrator (versions 8 - CS2), Adobe InDesign (version 2 - CS2), Macromedia/Adobe FreeHand (versions 7-MX), CorelDRAW (versions 8-X3), QuarkXPress (versions 3.3 - 7)
Many templates.

Engine Room
PDF CD templates

Ross Ellis
PDF templates for CD + DVD + Mailer box

Custom CD/DVD printer.
CD template (AI)
They also have hubs for CD/dvd. + cases.

ORG : Type Directors Club NY

Type Directors Club

127 West 25th Street 8th Floor New York, NY 10001 USA
T : 1-212-633-8943

TDC is a organization based in NYC.
They have graphic designer's lectures + salons + etc.
Lecture events may require RSVP and open for non-member as well.
see website for schedule.


Adobe Support + Forum

Adobe : User Forum

User Forum : InDesign Mac OS

User Forum : Illustrator Mac OS

User Forum : Photoshop Mac OS

User Forum : Acrobat Mac OS

Adobe : Support

Creative Suite 3 Support Center

A designer’s guide to transparency for print output
: Download how-to PDF

Forum : Topics : InDesign CS3 Mac - Printing
Forum : Topics : Acrobat Mac OS
Acrobat 8 asks for Administrator authentication.
-If you have problem to open Acrobat app. MUST SEE for solvation!
To see contents of an app, Control + click then see “show package contents”

Subjects From ... Adobe : Support - TechNote

Printing multiple copies of a multi-page document from InDesign CS3 is very slow
(Intel-based Macintosh)

Can't print to non PostScript Epson printer from Illustrator or InDesign
- Reason
You are printing on Mac OS X v10.3.9 or earlier, or you are printing borderless from Mac OS X v10.4.2 or earlier.
- Background information
Illustrator CS, CS2 and InDesign CS, CS2 are unable to print borderless to some non-PostScript Epson printer models. There are incompatibilities between Illustrator CS, CS2 and InDesign CS, CS2 when printing to some non-PostScript Epson printer models on Mac OS X v10.3.9 or earlier.

Can't print to non-PostScript printer from Illustrator or InDesign
(CS3, CS2 on Mac OS X)

- Issue
When you try to print to a non-PostScript printer from Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign, the file appears in the printer's list of jobs, but one of the following problems occurs:
* The file doesn't print.
* The file disappears from the list of print jobs but doesn't print.
* The file disappears from the list of print jobs, the file doesn't print, and the printer returns an error message, such as "Job Stopped."
- Details
You are printing to one of the following printers:
* Epson Stylus Photo RX620
* Epson Stylus Photo R2400
* Epson Stylus Photo R1800
* Epson Stylus CX6600
* Canon I9900

Unexpected spacing when you export to PDF from InDesign CS2 or CS3
Indesign CS3 Troubleshoot system errors or freezes in InDesign CS3 on Mac OS X



Reference : 401 Design Meditations

401 Design Meditations
: Wisdom, Insights, and Intriguing Thoughts from 150 Leading Designers.
Author : Catharine Fishel
Publisher: Rockport Publishers (2005)

401 great inspired words from 401 graphic designers + artists.

"My curiosity is my creativity on the way to discovery." - Unknown.
"Design is a response to social change" - George Nelson [architect + industrial designer]
"Typography is what language looks like" Ellen Lupton [director or MFA]

Enjoy reading sound bites from everyone from Frank Gehry, David Carson, and Charles and Ray Eames to Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Rand, Stefan Sagmeister, and Saul Bass.In its pages, noteworthy designers, both past and present, working in fields ranging from graphic design, fashion, architecture, typography, illustration, and industry product design, sound off on every topic, including deadlines, inspiration, competition, rules, respect, education, and handling criticism and life as a creative soul -- all with a certain amount of irreverence. Their thoughts are boiled down into succinct quotable quotes and one-liners that exemplify their character and demonstrate their philosophy on the world.
amazon.com $12.47


Reference : Book - Graphic + Design

Reference : Book - Graphic + Design
If you know great book for design reference, please add the list.

Reference : Grid Systems

Grid Systems :
Principles of Organizing Type:
Author :
Kimberly Elam
Publisher : Princeton Architectural Press

Small but a great book for grid systems + layout, categorized by composition.
On example layout pages, layer of vellum pages w grid lines for the grid system.
A lots of design examples of grid system + layout from old to new.
Amazon.com $13.57

Reference : Thinking with Type

Thinking with Type :
- A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, Students

Author :
Ellen Lupton
Publisher : Princeton Architectural Press

it's good to have a basic book about design in brief.
A good book for letters, typography to layout.
Amazon.com $13.57

Reference : Designing books - Practice and Theory

Designing Books - Practice and Theory
Author : Jost Hochuli , Robin Kinross
Publisher : Hyphen (April 2004)

A great book for editorial design and is a beautiful book.
Authentic old European book's pages are layout samples.

Recommend by : Genv.W + baby
Amazon.com : $22.80




URL links for free download fonts for mac.

1001freefonts.com : Font Download


Free Download fonts site.
Many display fonts to download. Some are OK.
Categorized by style. PC + Mac.

Font Bros : Font

Font Bros

Sml Font catalog site.

Free fonts download pg

Blue Vinyl Fonts : Font Foundry

Blue Vinyl Fonts
Font designer : Jess Latham

Blue Vinyl Fonts is a small font co.
Some fonts are free to download.
Mostly display + dingbats fonts.


Search fonts form some independent font founder Co.s.
Some links for free
font downloads.


Find + Try + buy fonts form many font founder Co.s.
Search by Co., categories, best seller and etc.
You can make your own font album to keep selected fonts.
Also in album, you can...
change text's font, size, background + type color for screen preview.


Toppan Printing Co. : Press Printer

Toppan Printing Company America Inc.

650 Fifth Ave, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10019-6108
TEL: 212-489-7740

One of the large Japanese printing company's NY devision.
might high price? but great print + support.
Also NJ + LA office locations.

Dennis Laminating Inc.

Dennis Laminating Inc.

37 W 26th St. 10th Fl, New York, NY , 10010-1055
Phone: 212-929-1050

Manufactures plastic foam products.

Recommended By Genv.W :

Ever Ready Blueprint Co. : Blueprint

Ever Ready Blueprint Co.

200 Park Ave. South [Entrance on 17th St.] Suite1316,
New York, NY 10003
Tel : 212 228-3131 or 3132

Store Hours :
M-F : 8AM-5:30PM | Sat : 10AM-5PM |

Special printing services : Price list on the website by Ft.
Diazo print, Blue print, Large format Xerox, Film, Mylar, Vellum, Adhesive film and etc..
Also, Mounting + Lamination services.

Recommended By Genv.W :
blueprints and brownlines
(excellent, small company, nice folks in old building)

Bendheim Stainedglass : Staindgrass supply

Bendheim Stainedglass

Stained glass and related product supplies in Mississippi.
largest selection of stained glass in North America
Catalog available.
visit to the New York Showroom call1-800-606-7621.
Appointments are required.

Recommended By Genv.W

The Compleat Sculptor, Inc. : Modeling materials

The Compleat Sculptor, Inc.

90 Vandam St. [Hudson + Greenwich St.]
New York, NY 10013
Tel : 212-243-6074
Technical Support : 212-367-7561

Store Hours :
M+T+Thu+F : 9am - 6pm | Wed : 9am - 8pm | Sat : 10am - 6pm | Sun : Closed

Sculptor supply + tools + materials + services
for mold making, rubbers, polymers, clay, etc.

Recommended By Genv.W

Standard Screen Supply Corp. : Silkscreen supply

Standard Screen Supply Corp.

121 Varick St. [Broome + Dominick St. / by the Holland Tunnel]
New York , NY 10013
Tel : 212-627-2697 1-800-221-2697
Store Hour : M-F : 7:45AM-5:30PM | Sat+Sun : Closed

All about Silkscreen supplies.
Also they have screen making
services -
film positive up to 36" x 44".
digital transfer ( heat transfer) up to 11x17

Recommended By Genv.W

MYKO : Photo studio for portfolio

MYKO Photography Inc.

260 West 36th St. 2nd Fl (It's the red door) New York, NY 10010
Tel: 212 967-6956

A pro photography studio.
MYCO is great for 3D finished pieces photo shoot.
excellent with glass and metal materials.

Recommended By Genv.W


Rookledge's Classic International Typefinder

Font Book :
Rookledge's Classic International Typefinder
Author : Christopher Perfect, Gordon Rookledge, Phil Baines
Publisher: Collins Design (2004)
2005 Harper Design Intl
ISBN 1 85669 406 2 U.S. $35

Basic but great font book for text typeface search.
If you wanna find differences between Garamond 156(Monotype)、
Garamond (Stempel)、 Garamond (Lynotype)、Garamond Berthold、
ITC Garamond、Garamond Amsterdam .... you'll love this book!
Also you can search font by character A-z.
It's been long time since 1st edition came out and out of print for long time.
Then finally came back out w new edition.
amazon.com $33.25



Found today.
A US web shop in Texas.
www.papilio.com is a same Co, but Texascraft.com site has more description for materials.
If anyone ever use them let me hear, plz.

Super Interesting Inkjet materials!!!
Adhesive Window Film & Backlit Film

Rub-On Decal Paper

Temporary Tattoo Paper & Kit

Water Slide Decal Paper & Kits

White & Clear Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Waterproof Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Metallic Films: Gold, Silver, & Holographic

Glow In The Dark Sheets

T-shirt Transfer Paper

Static Cling and Ultra Cling

Inkjet Adhesive Photo Glossy and Satin Paper (Self-Adhesive)

Magnetic Sheets & Business Cards

Canal Plastics Center

Canal Plastics Center

345 Canal St. New York, NY 10013
212 925-1666

Store Hours :
M-F : 9:30AM-6 PM | Sat :10 - 6 PM | Sunday - Closed

All your plastic needs!?Yap!
Cut to size by order.

Canal Rubber Supply Co., Inc.

Canal Rubber Supply Co., Inc.

329 Canal St. New York , NY 10013
212 226-7339
Store Hours :
M-F : 9AM-4:45PM | Sat : 9AM-3:45PM

Canal Rubber is for all about rubber!

Lazertran : Waterslide Decal Paper for Inkjet


Lazertran Co. [UK] make some unique material for inkjet + Color or BW copy.

Waterslide Decal Paper for Inkjet Printer
8.5x11 10Sheets $24.95 (2006 @ Lee's Art Shop )

Transfer Paper for any Laser printer for Habutai Silk, Metal Foil and Polyclay
Transfer Waterslide Decal Paper for use with colour photocopiers

Their website has US webshop.
See their gallery for sample works


Grafix : Shrink Film for Inkjet


Ink Jet Shrink Film

Shrank film which printable in Inkjet printer.
After print, put in toaster oven about 3'min.
the plastic sheet shrank anout30%.
Shrank %s are very by how u bake them and stretch easily, but unique + fun material!
Film has matte and clear but clear is not clear at all...
The film has front + back (only one side print).
There are NON Inkjet version, and it won't work w Inkjet printer.

Found at : Lee's Art Shop and Pearl Paint